Religious Exemption- Trapped or Released

The Useful Useless Religious Exemption

Let’s first calm down, pause, and take a deep healthy breath.
We’re not alone. Many others are frustrated, frantically searching online for some quick template to print out for religious exemption. 

UPDATE: user submitted resource – Titus Institute

Sorry, but bluntly, the religious exemption route appears to be a trap.
There’s no simple template that can make all this go away. Let’s consider:

Companies like United Airlines, for example, will “approve” a valid exemption and follow up with unpaid leave and termination for those denied requests. Some companies and organizations are already armed with attorneys and rebuttals in place to refute the typical fetal cell use arguments. Basically, the religious exemption request is merely a punitive coercive shaming tool. A big masked scarlet letter.

We are not the crazy ones.
This world is upside down and backwards. Imagine. It’s called a “disability” to NOT take an injection and it’s now up to the employer to determine whether or not one’s beliefs are “sincerely held”? Oh and somehow the injection of mRNA or genetic code into our body to manipulate our own cells to produce foreign spike proteins is suddenly called a vaccination and the ones we were familiar with (i.e. attenuated virus injections) are now called “conventional vaccines”.

Yet here we are, trying to desperately stay employed via a religious exemption because our normally healthy body with a working immune system does not qualify for a medical exemption. It’s absurd.

Company Loyalty
If an employer DOES honor our religious exemption, as they should, then what a wonderful validation it is to know that our loyalty and dedication to our employer is mutual. We’ll be forever grateful! However, many others will not be as fortunate.

Here’s the ugly truth that most of us will face.

Take another deep healthy breath. It’s not easy. Let’s be strong about this.

During this process of submitting that “useless” religious exemption template, many things will be revealed. Superficial relationships will be exposed. We’ll discover who stood by us and those who scoffed. Sadly, even if the religious exemption was accepted, will we then be admonished into some cold dark corner or basement workspace allowed only to exist peripherally around the injected valid employees as a form of accommodation?

Is it a dark time?
Yes it is. However…

It’s a great time to appreciate freedom.
It’s a great time to appreciate true relationships.
It’s a great time to keep our eyes opened.
It’s a great time to finally start starting up that business idea.
It’s a great time to reaffirm our sincerely held beliefs.
It’s a great time to start thinking about that narrower path.

In the coming weeks, we’ll be posting other resources to help you along this journey as well as new developments, legal cases, etc. Stay tuned.